Billy Nichols

Billy with BT Express

Billy with Count Coolout

Billy & Millie Jackson 2010

Billy's Latest CD

Taj Mahal 2011

Give Your Body Up To The Music

No. 42 on Billboard's Chart

Give Your Body to the Music - Top 60 Chart

 Paradise Garage, New York City 1979 performing "Give Your Body to the Music"

Rev. Al Sharpton

Straws In the Wind


First Band: Ernest Nichols, William Nichols & Linwood Perry, 1958

High School 1959

Backstage at the Apollo 1972

Artists with Boss Records - Billy's Label

With Rev. Al Sharpton at his National Action Network headquarters to debut new song, "Take Back Your Life" 2007

Bitter End Club, New York City, 2017 - performing "Shake Me In Your Arms"

With Marvin Gaye, Louisville, Kentucky 1965